Tuesday, February 28, 2006

So what do you do when you come home from a film class that featured Porky's and Animal House? Check out more photos of The Hek's trip to West Palm Beach!

The Hek and Mark stand in front of The Breakers Hotel front lawn.

Apparently, you're not allowed to step on the grass. If you do, you get shot.

Downtown West Palm Beach. Notice the palm trees.

This shot of the inter-coastal is great. And when you add The Hek, it's better then great.

That's not a tan. It's just bad lighting.

A shot of Worth Avenue.

Worth Avenue is home to some of the most trendy shops in WPB. It's the type of place Paris Hilton would go. The street actually had a lot of Paris lookalikes.

WPB is home to some of the most biggest mansions. The type that is inhabited by politicians, rock-stars, drug lords and Tony Soprano.

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The Hek

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