Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Autumn Wind

The National Football League has a media division known as NFL Films.

During the season, crews are sent to every game, to capture the "sights and sounds." The footage is then taken and used for documentary specials about a certain player, team, season, or specific match.

What I find enjoyable about these documentaries, is how NFL Films can take a simple football game and turn it into an epic battle.

This is done by using powerful orchestral scores, a dramatic script, and a narrator with deep, Godlike voice, who reads the script. The most popular narrator for these films was a man named John Facenda. Football fans have described him as the "voice of God."

Here is an example called "The Autumn Wind." It's a montage dedicated to the 1974 Oakland Raiders. Notice the language and Facenda's strong vocals.

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