Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Celebrating 24 Years

As I have said in the past, my birthday is a weird day for me. I enjoy all the attention but, I also feel embarrassed about it.

What's most noteworthy was that it was 15'C in Toronto today. Although I have nothing to back this up, there might be a correlation between my birthday and today's great weather.

To everyone who sent their wishes, I thank you. One of the best things I have experienced in my life, is meeting many wonderful people.

Now, the answers to yesterday's anagram challenge:

1. (hockey player) Zany tyke grew WAYNE GRETZKY

2. (musician) Gig jerk cam MICK JAGGER

3. (Canadian politician) Red hot cannibals BELINDA STRONACH

4. (wrestler) Frail cir RIC FLAIR

5. (actor) Lake thievery HARVEY KIETEL

6. (blogger) Sickener hero ERIC ROSENHEK ;-)

The Hek

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Carol said...

Hey Happy Birthday...and i'm you had a great time...well birthdays are always special for all of us...and for some more fun also droop by my blog on Birthday Celebrations sometime and enjoy all that it's filled up with!!!

Eric Rosenhek said...

Thanks Carol! Ill be sure to check out the site.