Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Canadian Blog Awards - Voting Underway

The Canadian Blog Awards are underway and a couple of my projects/collaborations have received nominations.

- And Now, A Word From The Hek has been nominated in the "Best Blog" category.

- The Audio Circus has been nominated in the "Best Podcaster/Vlogger" category.

- (a website I contribute to) has been nominated in the "Best Entertainment/Cultural Blog" category.

To vote for the Best Blog, click here; to vote for the Best Podcaster/Vlogger, click here; and to vote for the Best Entertainment/Cultural Blog, click here.

The first round of voting will end on January 21, 2008. You can only vote once per category/per round.

For more information, visit the Canadian Blog Awards' website.

If you do vote for me, thank you very much. I really appreciate the support.

The Hek


Brian said...

Good Luck Eric

In the meanwhile, you have to check out this video

It will change your life.


Eric Rosenhek said...

That is wrong. That is wrong and i do not support it. if you see it on the street you shoot it. lol

Thanks for the support.