Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Glaus For Rolen

It's official.

The Blue Jays have acquired 3B Scott Rolen from the St. Louis Cardinals, in exchange for 3B Troy Glaus.

When you break it down, it's a fair trade. Both players are around the same age and earn roughly the same salary. Both players are coming off seasons that were cut short because of injuries. Both players needed a change of scenery. There are some differences. Glaus is more of a power hitter, while Rolen is more of a contact hitter.

Unfortunately, I am a bit skeptical as to how this trade will improve the Jays.

Don't get me wrong, Rolen is a great player. He used to be one of the top players in the National League (check his stats from 1997-2004; they are phenomenal). However, over the last few seasons, Rolen's statistics and physical health have diminished. He'll probably make at least one trip to the disabled list in 2008. There's nothing you can do when you're banged up. You can't help your team.

With Rolen, the Blue Jays are taking a risk. Fortunately, it won't be a big loss as Glaus is in the same boat as Rolen.

It will be interesting to watch Rolen play the hot corner in the American League. If anything does happen to him, John MacDonald will be there to fill in.

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