Friday, April 11, 2008

Bosh Wants NOISE!

Chris Bosh has a message to all Raptors fans:

This all started Wednesday when the Raps were making a solid run against the Milwaukee Bucks. Unfortunately, the Air Canada Centre crowd was silent. Bosh vented his frustration during the radio post-game show and things have taken off from there. Remember when Dave Winfield did this?

Come on Toronto! Let's make the ACC loud; let's make CB4 proud! LET'S GO RAPTORS!

The Hek


Blake said...

A great message! Way to go, Bosh!A team is only as good as its fans - the lads on the court need as much energy and moral support from the crowd as they can get. Indeed, a team does have a duty to its fans, but the reverse is true also - the fans have a duty to their team. To quote an overused yet still apt phrase: together we stand, divided we fall!

So, GO RAPTORS GO!!! (even though I'm from Ottawa, I feel fine saying that because 1) Ottawa doesn't have its own NBA franchise and 2) in the end, I place national pride above local allegiance - if any Canadian team is in the running to win a major American professional title or trophy, of course I'll root for them. Even the Leafs if it came down to it, i.e. by some remote twist of fate they manage to make it to the final round of the Stanley Cup playoffs some year...)

Eric Rosenhek said...

The Raptors will win the NBA championship before the Leafs win the cup. Book it!