Wednesday, April 09, 2008

NHL Playoff Predicitons - Round One

Eastern Conference

Montreal over Boston in 5
Pittsburgh over Ottawa in 7 (Sorry Blake)
Washington over Philadelphia in 6
New Jersey over NY Rangers in 6

Western Conference

Detroit over Nashville in 6
San Jose over Calgary in 4
Minnesota over Colorado in 7
Dallas over Anaheim in 7

- I'm shocked at how well my Habs have been this season; especially after what happened last year. Just like the regular season, they should be able outplay the Bruins.

- The Senators have some major internal issues to work out. This will affect their playoff performance. I feel really bad for Sens fans.

- Why are the Capitals good? Two words: Alex Ovechkin

- The Devils have more playoff experience than the Rangers. They also have one of the best goaltenders in NHL history.

- Not much to say about the Western match-ups. I don't see anyone beating the Red Wings.

Enjoy round one!

The Hek


Blake said...

Sadly, I really can't argue with your prediction about the Ottawa-Pittsburgh matchup... The Sens have really been struggling this season; even their playoff spot itself was in doubt right up until the end.

The whole Emery fiasco, plus the coaching purge, really put a lingering dent in team morale. They just can't seem to shake off this funk that they're in. That plus Alfredsson & Fisher being out with injuries (damn Leafs...damn Mark Bell!) means the odds are not in Ottawa's favour.

Still, I'm hoping against hope that they can somehow pull it together and rally in order to gobble up those Penguins like a big red killer whale :-)

Eric Rosenhek said...

It'd be nice to see them win. But unfortunately, it's unlikely....for now.

Eric Rosenhek said...

And....Mark Bell use to play for the 67s. Oh, the irony.