Thursday, April 24, 2008

NHL Playoff Predictions - Round Two

In round one, I was right on five of the eight match-ups. Out of the five, one was a perfect prediction (Detroit in six). On to the second round:

Eastern Conference

Montreal over Philadelphia in 6
NY Rangers over Pittsburgh in 6

Western Conference

Detroit over Colorado in 5
San Jose over Dallas in 6

- It got a little scary, but my Habs pulled through. The Flyers are very similar to the Bruins. Hopefully, Montreal won't get too comfortable if they take a series lead like they did in the first round. Carey Price is an amazing goalie; and he's only 19-years-old. However, if he lets in a soft goal, his confidence is shaken.

- Right now at this very moment, Sean Avery is plotting the many ways he's going to bully Sidney Crosby.

- Again....Detroit....very strong.

The Hek


Anonymous said...

Hopefully there won't be anymore riots to sully the Habs fans' name.

When I was talking about that with my dad last night, he said, "I can see a similar thing happening in Toronto with the Leafs fans . . . but the Leafs would never make it to the playoffs!" :P

<3 a.

Eric Rosenhek said...