Friday, June 06, 2008

Final Thoughts: Stanley Cup Playoffs

I'd like to thank the Detroit Red Wings for making me look like a genius. A perfect prediction!

As I said throughout the playoffs, no one was going to beat the Red Wings. They were simply too strong, too experienced, too talented.

You have to give the Pittsburgh Penguins a lot of credit. They fought hard every game and didn't give up until the final buzzer. The Penguins are also talented and the majority of their players are very young. Keep a close eye on this team. Pittsburgh might not have won this year, but they will in the future. You're looking at a future powerhouse. The Penguins of today might be a reincarnation of the 1980's Edmonton Oilers.

It's actually ironic. When the Penguins won their two championships in the early 90's, the clinching victories were on the road - '91 in Minnesota and '92 in Chicago. Finally, Pittsburgh's Melon Arena (or whatever it's called now) hosts a Stanley Cup ceremony, and it's for the opposing team.


First round - five out of eight

Second round - one out of four

Third round - one out of two

Final round - one out of one

Total score - 8 out of 15; 53%


The Hek


Anonymous said...

correct predictions or incorrect predictions, you ARE a genius!

<3 a.

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