Monday, December 21, 2009

Re. Sunday

Have to be honest: I've never liked Sunday.

Don't know why I've never liked the day of rest. Maybe it was because it was the day before the start of another school week. It was a day when you scrambled to get all your school work done.

The Carleton campus was always a ghost town on Sunday. Sure, there were people doing research at the prison/library, but it always seemed to me that the usual campus life was deflated.

Sundays in downtown Toronto are still lively of course. People are shopping, the streets are just as packed as they are during the week and there's usually a sporting event occurring. However, there's still this feel to Sunday that doesn't exist on any other day of the week.

Perhaps Sunday is not a day of rest, but more of a day to reset yourself. It's a moment you take to reflect on the last seven days, while also preparing for the upcoming week. You might go out and shop or attend a party. However, you tend to be less intense and active. You tone it down. You're more relaxed.

I could be totally wrong about this. It's just a feeling I get every time Sunday rolls around.

- ER

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Anonymous said...

I like Sundays! Maybe we should make Sundays Fundays and do something fun so you'll like it better! For me, it's a day of writing, exploring, and taking naps.