Monday, January 18, 2010

Re. Peyton Manning

There's something about Peyton Manning that really bugs me.

He's one of the best quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL and has had a very successful career. He's a hall-of-famer, no doubt. However, he comes across as a bitter jerk.

I was watching the Colts/Ravens playoff game this past Saturday. Every time a teammate dropped a pass or failed to make a gain, Manning would have this disgusting expression on his face. And it wasn't done subtly. Peyton was very animated. He was literally sneering at his teammates.

The CBS broadcast showed the ending of the 2006 AFC final when Vanderjagt missed the field goal. You see the failed FG and then it cuts to Peyton who rolled his eyes and mouthed something along the lines of "I knew he'd miss."

Greg Gumble made note of it during the broadcast. The veteran commentator explained that Manning was a perfectionist. That's very understandable, but you'd think someone as experienced as Peyton Manning could keep his emotions in check.

I know, most star athletes are bitter jerks. Most star athletes have big egos. Most star athletes have a ''me-first'' attitude. I guess Peyton is no exception.

Forgive me if what I'm saying is old news. To be honest, I am a casual fan of football; both CFL and NFL. It was just something that was bugging me while I watched the game. One day, the bitterness Manning expresses to his teammates will haunt him. Maybe next week against the Jets. Or it won't happen at all.

- ER


Junmuni said...

Peyton Manning as you yourself admitted in your post is a perfectionist. Anyone who is one, knows that not only do they expect the best from themselves but also their team mates. So what if he has a disgusted look on his face when one of his mates mess up. Those of us who strive for the stars have the same look but fortunately don't have the camera documenting every emotion. The Indianapolis Colts are great because Manning asks and puts out the best week after week. He shouldn't be expected to mask his emotions. He is not acting, THIS is his the limelight. Look him up one day and check out his interviews by his biggest critics. He is the one of the most humble sportsman. As the kids say...don't hate the player..hate the game! :-)

Eric Rosenhek said...

He's a darn good QB, that's for sure.