Friday, January 08, 2010

Re. Raul Mondesi

Raul Mondesi's tenure with the Blue Jays was bleak, uneventful and dissapointing. His aquisition was one of the worst trades Gord Ash ever made. Okay, Shawn Green didn't exactly light the world on fire when he was sent to the Dodgers; but I bet Ash regrets the trade, as well as the David Wells for Mike Sirotka stinker.

That's how it was for the Blue Jays ten years ago. They had Carlos Delgado and Green, but couldn't afford both. This was before Rogers purchased the team.

Back to Mondesi. Since his retirement, Raul has found a new calling: politics.

This recent article from the Star explains everything. Turns out Mondesi and other former ball players are helping shape the Dominican Republic. But it's not as perfect as it might seem.

- ER

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