Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Has it really been a week since my last blog?

Oh well....I am composing this new entry from a computer in the Thornhill Community Centre Library. It's quiet......too quiet. Then again, it should be. It's a library, people!

It's been an enjoyable break so far. I have been chilling out with friends and it is good to see that they are doing alright. Currently I am reading Mick Foley's new book Tietem Brown; it's not bad at all. I was very interested to see how good of a writer "Mankind" could be in a non-wrestling capacity. I must admit, for a man that was once thrown off a 20ft. high steel cage, he certainly can put out some compelling material. I recommend it to everyone.

I also saw The Last Samurai which was a very enjoyable movie.

I think I will head down to the Eaton Centre.......

The Hek

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