Thursday, December 11, 2003


For years I have tried to find that special girl, I have searched for that relationship. Over and over and over again I have climbed the mountain only to be kicked off, fall flat on my face and have nothing but scars. And now I realize that what I have been trying to find does not exist. There is no such thing as a "boyfriend/girlfriend relationship."

What there actually is between a man and a woman is friendships that involve romance and friendships that don't involve romance.

I recently met this girl named Chia and we have become really great friends. And I realize that what Chia and I have is no different then a couple like my buddy Noel and his girlfriend, Leslie. The only actual difference between The Hek/Chia and Noel/Leslie is that Noel and Leslie express their friendship through love and romance while Chia and I express our friendship by being friends. And most importantly, I have learnt that it does not matter whether or not romance is involved in your friendship. The actual friendship is the most crucial part. What Noel and Leslie have is absolutely amazing and special as is what Chia and I have.

I have come to realize that a friendship is far important then a "romantic relationship." and I encourage you, dear reader, to realize that you don't need a "relationship" to be happy. All you need is a good friend and you are all set.

Get well Chia!!

The Hek

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