Saturday, March 05, 2005

The Hek is dealing with a nasty fever, totally ruining his fucking weekend. What makes things really bad were the hallucinations I had at 4am last fucking night. For some reason, I thought was surrounded with my fellow soldiers and a plague was reeking havoc in the trenches.

Then I started to have these dreams. The only one I can remember was where my buddy Owen and I took these two girls out to some medieval fair in Ottawa. For some reason I kept saying it was like the CNE which, was not true at all. Then, we're in a restaurant and I look to see the Museum of Civilization has been moved from Gatineau to some fucking forest. And, for some stupid reason, it was being called "York Hospital." That's just messed up.

The real bad thing about being sick is the huge amount of time you are all alone. When I get lonely, I get sad and start to think about things that I don't really want to think about. Fucking fever.

The Hek

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