Wednesday, March 16, 2005

My post on Monday, March 14 has garnered quite a response. The Hek is no doubt pleased about this. One of the reasons why I post my thoughts is so that I can get people talking and reacting. It's sort of a need to be heard and not having what I say disappear in vain. My comments for this particular post were put together during my birthday as I was "walking the Earth." I wanted to take the time to reflect and I became another year older. It was in the McDonalds when my reflections became words and thoughts. It was those three people who caused it. Without further ado, here is what I said:

Here's your moment of perspective.

I was sitting in a McDonalds yesterday across from the Rideau Centre. Next to me were three people; two girls and a guy. Here is what I overheard from their conversation. Girl 1 was a drug addict with two kids (separate fathers BTW) and a boyfriend who just got out of jail. About 22 years old. She claimed that getting knocked up twice were "mistakes but, it happens, and that's all there is to it." Girl 2 who was probably 20 years old, maybe younger; happened to be pregnant. She asked Girl 1 about whether it hurt to give birth. Girl 1's response: "It hurts for a bit. But, once its done, you are on the biggest high. It's awesome. If the morning sickness gets to you, just smoke some weed. It's harmless. Just don't drink." The guy was sitting there making rants about politics and how he wished he lived somewhere other then Canada.

So, if you ever think that your life sucks, I want you to think about the three people I just mentioned. I want you all to realize that things for you could be much worse. Take pride that you made good choices in your life and have no regrets.

Here is the response I received from one of this blog's readers:

That's bullshit. I mean...just because those two girls are/were pregnant and they're not in the best of situations...It doesn't give you the right to compare your life to theirs and think you've made the best of choices in life. After all, you don't know their circumstances or their hardships. If any, they're stronger to live with their mistakes. Raising a child--let alone two is not an easy feat and NOT in your place to judge and compare your "good" choices to theirs.

That is such an insult. The worst possible situation is when you're dead. You shouldn't take pride in your choices in life--be it right or wrong. Take pride in the fact that you make mistakes and learn from them. What's the point in living a good life when you have no redeeming values? You live and you learn. The fact that you're fortunate in life doesn't give you the right to pull this "better than thou" bullshit. -end rant-

# posted by Angelina

To Angel Lee: Thank you for your thoughts. You might not believe this, but I really do appreciate it. As for the rest of you who read this, I would love to get your reactions to the opinions expressed. Feel free to say somthing on the comment board. HOWERVER, it would be best to place your comments at the little comments sign (The one that looks like this: (0)comments). The big comments sign (The one that looks like this: Comments(0)) is all screwed up and you can never post more then one comment.

In any case, feel free to say anything.

The Hek

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T-Bone said...

1. Happy Birthday Eric

2. I take issue with the outlandish comment that was left by Angelina, and I think your tone of your post doesn't help the argument you're trying to advance. Honestly, I don't see what's so harsh about Eric's comment.

It's not hidden that their life probably sucks. I bet if you went up and asked them then and there, they'd tell you that their lives sucked bad. And the truth is that life is about choices, God gave us free will, and what happens is from the choices we made in the past. Obviously those girls who are pregnant at that age and have the "highs" from morning sickness... they made choices which brought them there.

No, I don't think we should judge them or anything. We're in no place for that. But I think it's also stupid to play dumb too and pretend that there's no difference between the choices you/me made and those that they made. The truth is in the result, and the result is where we are right now.

Angelina is off the mark here. Eric didn't pull any "better than thou, bullshit."