Friday, March 18, 2005

Tim sends us these comments:

1. Happy Birthday Eric
2. I take issue with the outlandish comment that was left by Angelina, and I think your tone of your post doesn't help the argument you're trying to advance. Honestly, I don't see what's so harsh about Eric's comment. It's not hidden that their life probably sucks. I bet if you went up and asked them then and there, they'd tell you that their lives sucked bad. And the truth is that life is about choices, God gave us free will, and what happens is from the choices we made in the past. Obviously those girls who are pregnant at that age and have the "highs" from morning sickness... They made choices which brought them there. No, I don't think we should judge them or anything. We're in no place for that. But I think it's also stupid to play dumb too and pretend that there's no difference between the choices you/me made and those that they made. The truth is in the result, and the result is where we are right now. Angelina is off the mark here. Eric didn't pull any "better than thou, bullshit."

Here is Angelina's comments:

Because your comment forum sucks and I cannot defend my stance.

The Hek

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