Thursday, March 03, 2005

I think I am developing a crush on Judy Garland. Too bad she's been dead for thirty years.

I was watching The Rise and Fall of ECW last night. Brought back a lot of memories. Now there was a wrestling company that never sucked at what they did. People say Vince McMahon is the most important man in the history of wrestling. I disagree. The most important man in the history of wrestling, without a shadow of a doubt was Paul Heyman. Paul E. gave wrestling a much needed re-birth in 1993. Without his work in ECW, WWE would not be what it is today. The whole era of Attitude would have never taken place without the insanity that went on in a bingo hall in Philly.

Speaking of which, I miss the Blue World Order. Remember the good old days when Stevie Richards (now Steven), Nova (now Simon Dean) and the Blue Meanie (now much slimmer) were running around with their wacky shannigans?

The Hek

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