Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Watch This Show!

It's called Kenny vs. Spenny.

It airs on CBC at different times so check the local listings.

The concept: Every week, two best friends have competitions with each other. At the end of the show, the loser of the competition has to do something humiliating.

What is amazing is the great lengths these two will go to win the weekly competition.

Check it out.

The Hek


Billy Ruffian said...

I see you've been busy Ehrlico Hekapopolis

Anonymous said...

Those two are Ryerson grads. Their show's been on Showcase for three or four years. Are they only on CBC now?

- Mr. Wood

The Hek said...

I'm always busy, Billy.

The Hek said...

"Are they only on CBC now?"

I'm not sure. The show is in syndication. On the CBC, the shows are more censored then when they are broadcasted on Showcase.

Anonymous said...

Then yeah, you're seeing reruns.

- MW

Sand said...

lol- it's great eh?
my brother has like all the seasons on DVD.

The Hek said...

DVDs? Sweet.

Actually i think there was a video game as well on