Monday, January 08, 2007

Triple H Suffers Injury At PPV

"The Game" will be spending the first half of the year, on the injured list.

Triple H suffered a ruptured quadriceps tendon at last night's New Year's Revolution Pay-Per-View. The injury occurred during his tag match with Shawn Michaels against Edge and Randy Orton. The injury is considered to be very serious and will require surgery as well as 4-6 months of rehabilitation.

Unfortunately, this is the second time Triple H has torn a tendon in his quadriceps. He suffered a similar injury in May, 2001, and did not return to action until January, 2002.

Triple H's injury has many implications for the WWE. First and foremost, he will have to miss Wrestlemania, which means any big payoff match will have to be scrapped. Second, the fate of DX is now unknown. The most sensible idea would be to put DX on hold, have Shawn Michaels go solo, and then bring it back when Triple H returns. Another idea would be to scrap the storyline all together. However, I doubt the WWE would do such a thing as DX's return has been very popular with the fans and has been very profitable for WWE's Merchandise division. Another option would be to have a new wrestler join DX. Of course, this leads to the question of who that wrestler can be? An obvious answer would be Ric Flair. However, one can also make the case for C.M. Punk.

Punk's "straitedge" style would fit perfectly with Michaels' "good Christian" values. It would also be a great way to elevate Punk's status. He has shown that he is great in the ring and can get the fans to support him. When Triple H comes back, there could also be a storyline where The Game turns on Punk for stealing his spotlight. A Punk/HHH feud would result in lots of dollar signs. However, if Punk were to move to the RAW brand, you have to wonder how this would affect ECW. Clearly, Punk is one of the stars on the "new" ECW. His departure could possibly lead to a drop in viewers.

It will be interesting to see how the WWE handles the situation. Meanwhile, I just want to wish Triple H the best of luck in his recovery. Get well soon, Hunter.

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