Monday, January 15, 2007

Go Away, Snow!

Are you happy now? You got your #@$&ing snow!

Fortunately, there have not been any serious accidents. The only downside is that any travelling will be longer then usual. Normally, it takes me 45 minutes to get to CHEV. Today, it took a good hour and a half. If there is one thing to remember about a huge snowfall, it's to make sure you have lots of patience.

Case in point - I was on the bus and standing across from me, was a teacher I had back in high school. Now this teacher (who shall remain nameless) was rumoured to keep a bottle of hard liquor in her desk and consume it during classes (Hey, that's only what I heard). It's been close to ten years since I was in this teacher's class and I think she's still on the sauce.

Anyway, her stop is coming up but she, nor any other passenger, didn't pull the string to request the stop. Since no one was standing at the stop, the bus driver just kept going. This former teacher of mine literally freaks out. She starts to yell at the bus driver, who calmly pulls over and lets her off. I felt really bad for the driver. It wasn't his fault, nobody requested the stop and no one was there to board the bus. He was just doing his job, being extra careful given the weather. You would think that this teacher had been on a bus before; but, I guess not.

So remember. With this type of weather, always have extra patience.

The Hek

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Anonymous said...

7:30 pm. Hart House at U of T's St. George Campus. $2 admission.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Rosenhek, that is near us. Why have I not been informed of this?

- Mr. Wood

T-Bone said...

I hope you have a good MP3 player for the commute. I mean I get bored just from walking 20 minutes to work in the mornings.

Claire said...

I'm glad the snow is here. Sometimes the weather deserves to kick us right in the teeth, just to teach us that we're about half a foot from not remembering how to make a meal with an open flame. Good times.

Eric Rosenhek said...

Billy: Is there a website for the event?

Mr. Wood: You've not been informed because I've been trying to gather info for a mass e-mail that was going to be sent to the group, mid-week.

t-Bone: I do have a good MP3 Player. I'm testing it out right now. Not quite decided what I'm going to do with it. PS: love the photos you put up on your blog.

Claire: My teeth are sensitive. I don't mind cooking over an open flame. I just prefer to do it in a house with a furnace. Actually, an open flame would clear the snow too.

Anonymous said...

Not to my knowledge, no. Try google.


Eric Rosenhek said...

I did. No dice :-( I'll go with what is written on Facebook