Monday, January 22, 2007

The Weekend That Was

It all started Friday when I was on "mascot duty" at the Waxers' game. Not only did the Markham Waxers win the game, but they are also on a five-game winning streak. Yet for some reason, the arena was only 40% full.

But I digress.

On Saturday, my friends and I made our way down to the University of Toronto, to watch an improv competition featuring my old team, the Carleton Improv Association. Unfortunately, due to traffic on the DVP and a lack of knowledge about the UofT campus, we were actually late for the show and missed the CIA's performance. However, we did arrive during an intermission and sure enough, the CIA was standing outside and right in front of the door.

It was great to see my old teammates; especially Billy Ruffian who gave me quite the bear hug, and sported a "Dick Tracy" style of hat which he claimed would, "bring sexy back." It was also a chance for my friends to meet the improv team that I had been part of for four wonderful years. I always wondered what it would be like when my Toronto friends would meet my Ottawa friends. It happened once before when the Toronto friends met my Carleton roommate, Mark. However, this time, it was more then just one person. After witnessing the results of this meeting, I can safely say it was a great experience.

We did manage to catch the second half of the show. Some great performances from many of the performers, including Budman from McGill Improv. At the end of the show, it was announced that Carleton was moving on to the finals on Sunday. I have yet to hear the results. However, I am going to assume that Carleton won the competition; so congratulations to the CIA!

After the show, we all headed to a local bar and grill where we ate, drank and traded stories. Perhaps my favourite story was how members of the McGill team killed a wolf on the 401. No one was hurt, except the wolf of course.

It was a great evening and it reminded me of just how much I miss Ottawa. I miss the city, Carleton's campus, and more importantly, the things I was part of: CKCU and the CIA. The only thing I don't miss were the University classes and the homework.

The Hek

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T-Bone said...

I miss Ottawa too. But really, it was the good times with the people there who made it special. I think it would be different now that everyone has moved on.

Just a treasured memory...

Steve said...

Stupid being in Japan keeping me from seeing the CIA whup ass in my hometown.

Oh well, glad that you had a good time and got to see some of your old Carleton friends, Hek.

Are you doing any Improv on the side in Toronto at the moment?

Eric Rosenhek said...

Steve: No, not right now. I should look into it. It's hard living in the 'burbs with no full-time transportation. There was a group I recently wrote down and might check out.

T-Bone: Very good point to bring up. Hope all is well across the world.

Anonymous said...

Really Eric,

How can you say you miss those University classes when such great (and of course good-looking) people like me and Sandra were in them! Good to know those times of sitting on your bed have been forgotten and only the radio station and Improv-ers remain in your Carleton memories.


Eric Rosenhek said...


Of course the times with you and co. are great memories. You have no idea how much they meant to me. They were wonderful times.

However, there may be children reading this blog; and let's face it, some of those memories were quite "XXX" ;-)

Budman said...

Hey Eric,
was great seeing you the other week. Do you know how CIA did in the end?

Eric Rosenhek said...

Great seeing you as well, Josh.

I believe Carleton finished second behind Humber.