Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Raptors 98 Nets 96

Oh man.

That 4th quarter.

That f###ing 4th quarter.

I nearly flatlined.

The Raptors played three AMAZING quarters and one HORRIBLE quarter. There will be a Game 6 on Friday and if the Raptors play the way they did in the 4th quarter, they're going to lose. It is essential that they turn three solid quarters into four solid quarters. I believe this is possible.

Jose Calderon (below) was unbelievable last night. 25 points! He best performance in a Raptors uniform. However, he rolled his ankle late in the game and had to be taken out. He says he's feeling better and will be ready on Friday. Hopefully, he can play, especially since TJ Ford was injured last night as well. Calderon and Ford are two solid point guards. Without them, the Raptors are at a huge disadvantage.

Pray for Jose. Pray for TJ. Pray that Chris Bosh steps up his game. The rest of the team played well. Here's hoping they bring the same energy on Friday.

Let's Go Raptors!

The Hek

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