Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Smackdown Is Rated 'R'

Congratulations to Adam 'Edge' Copeland, who won the World Heavyweight Championship last night. This is a great solution to a problem that the WWE's Smackdown roster had to deal with.

The Undertaker, the former champion, suffered a serious injury at Backlash and is gone for 6-8 months. Also, Ken Kennedy, who was getting a huge push, suffered a serious injury this past weekend and is gone for 5-7 months. So the champion is out of action, as is the roster's top heel. If they were to put the belt back on Batista then Undertaker's title win at Wrestlemania would be meaningless. Along with that, there is no one on the Smackdown roster who has been booked properly to take over as the top heel.

By having Edge come over from RAW and win the title, Smackdown now has a major heel. This will also lead to an exciting storyline involving Batista. Hopefully, WWE won't screw this up by having Batista beat Edge at the Judgement Day PPV on May 20th.

Finally, here is something for those who love (or hate) cheerleaders.

The Hek

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