Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sign Of The Apocalypse #54

Joey Buttafuoco and Amy Fisher will be having a candlelight dinner together.

Why are they having dinner together? Well, apparently they want to see if they can rekindle their romance. You remember their romantic tale. It ended with Joey going to jail for a few months for statutory rape and Amy serving seven years after shooting Joey's wife in the face.

Why are they trying to rekindle their romance? Well, a producer named David Krieff thinks he can turn their reunion into a reality television program.

Of course! That's what people want to watch. What's more entertaining then two g-list celebrities falling in love again? As if we couldn't get enough of Nick and Jessica, Vili and Mary-Kay, and most recently, Tori Spelling and Hamilton Steelheads' captain Mark McDermott.

Seriously, what's next? Living With The Bobbits? The Monica Lewisnky Show? The Simple Life: Justin and Sophie?

The Hek


Anonymous said...

well they already made the movie about karla homolka, so hey... didn't you know that making fun of unibombers on upright citizens brigade is pretty much the same as that? only for stupider people.


Eric Rosenhek said...

No.....can't say I did. I thought there was only one unibomber.