Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Bowl Upset

I'm still shell shocked.

Usually, the actual championship match is a lackluster affair. One team usually dominates the other and turns the game into a blowout. Not this year.

I haven't seen an exciting and close Super Bowl since XXXIV (Rams/Titans) and XXXVI (Patriots/Rams).

As football fans digest the biggest upset in NFL history, here are some thoughts that are currently swimming in my head:

- Eli Manning lifted a huge amount of weight off his shoulders.

- Tyree and Plexico are names that will be remembered forever.

- How did Eli break free from the swarm of New England defenders?

- For the Patriots, 18-1 is a losing season.

- How many endorsement deals did Tom Brady lose after last night?

- The New York Giants play in New Jersey.

- Tom Petty was awesome! Much better then Prince last year.

- Eli vs. Payton: Next year's Super Bowl? A dream match up.

- The 95/96 Red Wings, the 06/07 Mavericks, and the 07 Mets are laughing at the Patriots.

- Why would two gorgeous women hook up with two corporate animated beavers? Has to be more then the furniture. Can anyone say inner-species erotica?

- Sucks to be a New York Jets fan.

The Hek

*Striving to be 19-0: Episode 70 of the Audio Circus*


Blake said...

Agreed. Heads will certainly roll in New England over this one!

Eric Rosenhek said...

For sure!!!