Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What Do You Know, Agent Zero?

Dear Gilbert Arenas,

I know you're a little bitter because you've only played eight games this season. It must be tough being injured and watching your team fall apart. One can only imagine where the Washington Wizards would be if you were healthy.

But Gilbert - and I say this with full sincerity - Don't take your frustration out on Jose Calderon.

Jose deserves to be on the Eastern All-Star team. Without him, the Raptors would not have won as many games as they have so far this season. The man makes things happen. You wish you had a player like Jose on your team.

Just because he doesn't have the same zest and style like you, or Kobe, or Lebron, doesn't mean he's not an All-Star.

However, I understand you're getting some nice coin from the NBA and therefore, have to have some compelling stuff on your blog. So, I will let this slide. Meanwhile, I think you should mark March 7th on your calender. That's when the Raptors host your Wizards. Something tells me Jose will be giving you a retort.

All the best,

The Hek

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