Sunday, November 06, 2005

Certainly, a fabulous improv show from last night. The crowd was great and everyone brought their A-Game. It makes me so happy to see that the CIA is back to the fine form it once had. Last year was just abysmal for us. Many of our members made it appear that it was a hassle to have practices and shows. They thought they were doing us a favor just by showing up. They had no heart or passion. Thankfully, those individuals are gone from the CIA and replacing them, are new people with talent and that desire to make everyone forget about their troubles by having a good laugh. There's no doubt that we will have more great shows in the months to come.

It has also been a pleasant weekend in terms of my workload. Just had to do a reading which is now done, as well as, a media journal entry. The Hek's taking it easy.

I'll probably head to South Keys for some good ol' fashion grocery shopping.

To finish your weekend, here's some Haiku Hek:

the leaf dances
with the wind
and ages with grace

The Hek

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Anonymous said...

Your haiku gets the ErinMarie seal of approval.
So does grocery shopping and low work loads.