Friday, November 04, 2005

The Hek evaluates Halloween costumes. Today's costume:

Hunter S. Thompson as portrayed by Joey Donovan of Newark, New Jersey.

Just what this world needs, another gonzo journalist. Hard to recognize Hunter these days without the bullet hole in his right temple. Amazing isn't it? The guy writes some successful books, makes tons of money and still decides the world is shit so he pulls the old Kurt Cobain move. Nobody likes a quitter. In any case, Joey may have the tropical shirt, hat and cigar but where he fails is the facial expression. If he was a true Hunter impersonator he would look either depressed or having a real trip, man. Well, you know what they say, Two Hunters are better then one:

It's like looking in a mirror, man. Try fear and loathing in Newark. Hunter #2 lacks the cigar; that will cost him. Final mark: B+

Nice work, Joey!

The Hek

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