Friday, November 25, 2005

When we last left our hero, it was Wednesday night and The Hek was preparing for Buck 65.

Buck 65 = No dice!

He was doing a free spoken word show at a bar near the Rideau Centre. This was my only chance to see him live. Otherwise, I would have had to shell out a ridiculous amount of money and watch him open up for the Barenaked Ladies at the National Arts Centre. I met up with a person of interest and we headed to the bar. When we arrived, there was a HUGE lineup outside. Fortunately, a friend from the CIA saved us a spot. We waited with high anticipation, only to be turned away by the doorman who announced that the place was overfilled to capacity. Tough break. However, the group I was with made our way to a nice quiet spot in the market where we drank and talked about life, liberty and how its a small world after all. No Buck 65 but nevertheless, a wonderful evening.

Did my show the next morning. I was unable to play the interview with Mike Friscolanti due to a computer malfunction. However, I will air it on Monday when I do a fill in from 8-9am. The highlite of the show was this e-mail that was sent to me while I was on the air:

Good morning,

I'm listening to the Blend, and I think Montreal will

win it. Should be a good match though.

Keep up the good work btw. I'm listening to the

online webcast from Ireland. We don't have CFL here

so without your news I'd be out of touch (I even

forgot the date of the Grey Cup game).

We have "football" and rugby here for sports, but I

miss hearing the Canadian stuff (and televised Hockey

:-P ).

Cheers from across the pond,

This brings us to Friday. I did a presentation on an essay I am writing. It is a study on children, television violence, and wrestling. I must admit, I was really amazed at how well it turned out. I got some great responses from my fellow classmates and the teacher was impressed with my research and my knowledge of wrestling. And, I did it all on a empty stomach. Once again, The Hek proves that he must be a superstar.

Finally, Toe Report Day 3/4: I'm a bit worried about it. It still looks swollen. When I had my second procedure in February, there were immediate changes. That's not the case now. I still get some mini-stingers of pain. It might have to do with the chemical the doctor injected into it. I'll have to wait and see. I'm scheduled to head back there on Monday for a follow up.

The Hek

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Anonymous said...

I hope your toe's okay.

- Mr. Wood