Monday, July 03, 2006

Confessions & All-Stars

Yesterday it was announced that five Blue Jays will represent the American League at the upcoming All-Star game. I cannot begin to tell you how happy this makes me. The Jays have not had so much representation since 1993 when they sent seven players. However, there is one point that bugs me.

Four of five the players are more then well-deserved to be named to the A.L. team. Those players being Roy Halliday, BJ Ryan, Vernon Wells and Alex Rios. But then, there is Troy Glaus.

Don't get me wrong, Glaus is a great player. However, Lyle Overbay is having a much better season then Glaus. Overbay has been consistent the entire season and always comes through in the clutch.

Solution: Overbay should go instead of Glaus. Better solution: Both players go.

Finally, I give you: Confessions

The Hek

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Grant Miller said...

Alex Rios has been off-the-charts good.