Monday, July 24, 2006

Someone will know the answer

Here's something that's bugged me for awhile.

In the cartoons and comics, whenever Batman put on his mask (or Cow as that I believe, is the official term), his eyes would be completely white. No pupils or any hint of colour.

Why is that?

Was it too hard to actually draw eyes on a mask? Was it to emphasize the secret identity? Was there a hidden meaning?

It wasn't just with Batman. You can also find this with other superheroes like Wolverine and the Ninja Turtles.

I guess this is one of life's little mysteries.

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The Hek


Billy Ruffian said...


Anonymous said...

I'm hesitant on being definitive, but it was either Frank Miller or some other comics artist who noticed drawing in the eyes made the subject look ridiculous, and not drawing them made the subject look menacing.

I read it once before, but I can't remember where...

- Mr. Wood

Anonymous said...

I think it's because usually crime fighters who wear cowls as costumes are usually out at night and therefore their pupils grow big and the light reflects off them and it glows. Like the eyes of cats. It's the only logical explanation.


The Hek said...


The light reflecting off their eyes makes sense as does the thoughts of Frank Miller (Wasn't he the Premier of Ontario at one time?)

With the idea of them looking ridiculous, there is also the issue of heroes smiling and laughing which makes them look even more ridiculous with the white pupils.

The Hek said...

To clarify, here are all the Frank Miller's on Wikipedia:

Several notable people have been named Frank Miller:

* Frank Miller (Medal of Honor), American Civil War soldier and Medal of Honor recipient
* Frank Miller (comics) (b. 1957), comic book writer and artist
* Frank Miller (1891-1950) (1891-1950), writer, director, actor
* Frank Miller (newspaper cartoonist) (1898-1949), newspaper comic strip creator
* Frank Miller (editorial cartoonist) (d. 1983), editorial cartoonist
* Frank Miller (politician) (1927-2000), former Premier of Ontario
* Frank Miller (singer), (b. 1918), pop singer with The Easy Riders
* Frank Miller, cellist (formerly) with NBC Symphony Orchestra
* Frank Miller, Pennsylvania mobster
* Frank Miller was also the name of the villain of the 1952 film High Noon
* Frank Miller (baseball player) (1886-1974), Major League Baseball player