Friday, July 28, 2006

Where is the LOGIC?

How the $#%@ does Montana's on Steels Avenue at 7pm (in the bubble known as Thornhill), suddenly change to The Keg at Jarvis and Wellesley (downtown Toronto) at 6:20pm? And how is it that I don't find out about this until 6:40pm?

No call the day before.
No e-mail.
No indication that things had changed.

Doing things at the last minute: it's cool when it comes to school work. But it sure doesn't work in other aspects of life.

I missed a very good friend's birthday dinner party and I am extremely upset about it.

Another friend said, "just take the subway."

Let's see: Dinner is at 6:20. I didn't get home until 6:40 (would have been home earlier had I known about it). I change and shower and out the door by 6:50. Walk to the bus stop which takes us to 7:00. The bus eventually comes and I get to Finch Subway by 7:30. Hop on the train and arrive at Wellesley Station at 8:00. Knowing myself, I get a little lost and finally arrive at The Keg somewhere between 8:20 - 8:30. By then everyone has eaten and are pretty much set to go somewhere else.

I'm all for spontaneity, but use your head.

Here is the most important part of this entry: I want to wish my good friend Mike, a Happy and Healthy Birthday. Sorry I wasn't there, buddy. Hope you had a great day.

The Hek


Anonymous said...

You know what, we really were done around 8:30.

I wouldn't worry about it; you were with us afterwards, and look on the bright side, you saved $40.

- Mr. Wood

Budman said...

Yeah, that does suck, but I'm right there with you. Living in the suburbsin Montreal, I'm always getting invited last minute to stuff and can never go because it's like I leave downtown from school, get home (if I'm lucky) an hour later and as soon as I"m in the door I'll get a phone call inviting me out for something that is starting in 20 minutes back downtown. Plus if I do rush out like a lunatic and show up an hour and half late, I usually have to leave by 11pm to come back home and most the time things start at 9pm.

Hope everything is well in Tdot otherwise.

The Hek said...

"I wouldn't worry about it; you were with us afterwards, and look on the bright side, you saved $40."

True. But it wasn't about the money. I just didn't want to look like the bad guy.

The Hek said...

Good to hear from you Budman!

Montreal is just as big as Toronto. Like you, it can be really hard for me especially since I don't have a car and have to rely on public transportation. For example, I have to be back at Finch station by midnight so I can catch the last bus that goes near my house.

Anonymous said...

"Didn't want to look like the bad guy."

Don't worry, you didn't.

- Mr. Wood

Billy Ruffian said...

Not really lad. She's just moving there to live. I don't reckon she has any big contracts to take up.

The Hek said...

She's got talent. She'll make some quickly.