Sunday, July 09, 2006

Viva Italia!

The World Cup has come to an end.

Italy defeated France on Penalty Kicks to win its fourth title. It was a hard fought match and with both teams scoring goals in the opening twenty minutes, there were signs that this final would be a classic. In the end, it would not fully achieve such status but, it certainly was thrilling.

My only concern is similar to the concern that is probably on the minds of most soccer fans: What the heck was Zidine Zidane thinking? This was his final game; an end to one of the most successful careers. Instead of a swan song, it was an instrumental disaster. Granted the Italian player probably said something cruel and petty. But that does not justify the captain of the French squad to lose his cool like that; especially when its the World Cup final and your team is a few minutes away from a shootout.

My only hope is that fans remember Zidane for his play on the field and not this sudden moment of insanity.

In the meantime, here is a commercial that Adidas put together for the World Cup. Personally, I really enjoyed it. The great thing about televised soccer matches is that there are no commercial breaks during the action. Therefore, this commercial never got too repetitive. It comes in two parts.

Enjoy and remember, The Audio Circus is coming soon.

The Hek

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