Saturday, July 22, 2006

Some Random Notes

1. I would like to proudly announce that this blog and The Audio Circus podcast are now listed on the website, PB.CA is a "guide to Canadian blogs, podcasts, video casts and independent media on every subject, from every part of the country."

2. Starting with the July 19th post, I will be replying to any comments by posting a comment of my own. I have always enjoyed the constant banter that occurs on any blog's comment section.

3. I would like to remind all the four-year-olds out there that markers go on paper and not on your face and ears.

That is all.

The Hek


Anonymous said...

Wow any respose. Glogasplatz.


Billy Ruffian said...

Well, I reserve the right to BAN!

The Hek said...

Ban away, Billy. Ban away. BTW, I'm excited for the album.

The Hek said...


That's like the time I went on "Wasted Time" and wrote "RANCH!"