Friday, October 20, 2006

MLB Predictions - Part Three

Let's review,

Detroit vs. Oakland
Hek's Prediction: Detroit wins, four games to three.
What really happened: Detroit sweeps the series.

New York vs. St. Louis
Hek's Prediction: New York wins, four games to two.
What really happened: St. Louis wins, four games to three.

At least I was right about Detroit......sort of.

To be honest, I can't explain the Tigers. Beating the Twins and Athletics, was a piece of cake. Not bad for a team that looked like it ran out of gas when the playoffs started. As for St. Louis, the Cardinals have proven that everything that happens in the regular season, goes out the window for the post-season. What's really aggravating about St. Louis, is that they only won 83 games and yet still managed to take the NL Central title. To put it in context, the Blue Jays won 88 games and that, wasn't enough to win the AL East or the Wild Card. On to the Fall Classic:

The World Series

Detroit Tigers vs. St. Louis Cardinals

The Cards have the hitting and their pitchers are good, but not great. The Tigers, on the other hand, also have the hitting and a phenomenal group of pitchers. The matter which will be most interesting is to see if Detroit can play the same way they did during the first two rounds. Remember, the Tigers won the ALCS last week and have not played since October 14th. Meanwhile, the Cards won the NLCS yesterday and only have today off before starting the World Series. So it will be interesting to see if Detroit has any rust after being off for a week. Personally, I think the Tigers will not be affected by the rest. They have played some great baseball and the week off only allows them to prepare. Plus it gives them time to rest any injuries that may have occurred.

Hek's Prediction: Tigers win, four games to two.

The Hek

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