Thursday, October 19, 2006

You've Been Punk'd! Clinton style.

Ashton Kucher will not be sending Bill Clinton a holiday greeting, this year.

It seems as though Kucher and his wife, Demi Moore, were at a function and sat with the former President. Clinton spent the entire evening chatting it up with Demi, while completely ignoring Ashton. Needless to say, Kelso was very pissed off.

Correct me if I'm wrong. But hasn't something like this happened before to Demi? I seem to recall a time when she was married to Woody Harrelson and during a game of pool, Robert Redford came over and started talking to her. Redford was so enthralled with her, he proposed something to Woody that was rather indecent.

Now Ashton, I can totally understand if you're upset about this. But dude, let me tell you something: Let is slide.

This isn't some regular Joe who you can punch in the face and tell him to leave your woman alone. Hell, it's not even Colin Farrel. It's a former President of the most power nation in the world. You can't just go up to him and say, "If I see you make a move on my wife, one more time, I'm going to break you in half."

Listen, if a former President makes a move on your women, you let him do it.


Because he was once THE PRESIDENT and if you lay even the smallest part of your pinky finger on him, you get gang tackled by 50 Secret Service Agents.

I know you want to be Demi Moore's Guardian; but remember, every person who becomes the President of the United Sates of America, is allowed to order three assassinations. Not every President uses them. But, they're there, just in case.

The Hek


Blake said...

I'd be downright flattered and proud if a former president (or prime minister) wound up hitting on my girlfriend/wife/fiancée/significant other!

But, hey, that's just me....

The Hek said...

Very fair. I'm sure there are others who would agree.