Monday, October 23, 2006

Time Stands Still

I need to learn how to relax more.

For some reason, I keep setting these schedules for myself. These schedules are totally not necessary but for some reason, if I don't follow them, I get stressed out. Here's an example of what I'm talking about:

On Sundays, I have to be up by 9am. Then, I have to leave for the gym at 9:30. I have to finish my work out by 11:30. I have to return home, eat something, shower, shave and start working on my podcast by 1pm. Then, I need to finish putting together my podcast by suppertime.

This past Sunday, I got all flustered because I woke up 9:30am, got to the gym at 10:20, started working on the podcast at 2:30 and released it at 5:30pm.

I needed to give myself a good punch in the face.

I have to keep reminding myself that it's Sunday and that I'm not on any deadlines. I can release a new episode of my podcast at any time as long as it's done before the clock strikes midnight. However, I keep trying to follow this dumb schedule which in turn, turns Sunday into a nuisance instead of a nice, relaxing day.

I've always been guilty of this. I don't know why this is; it's just that I like a little control in my life. Nothing wrong with living the day by just taking it as it is. It's just that I would prefer to have a frame so I know what can happen, what is unlikely to happen and, have a spot for unexpected moments.

Well, something to work on, I guess.

The Hek

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Anonymous said...

The Philosophy of Sunday

One must wake up naturally on Sundays.

Anyone and anything that disrupts this sleep will be subjected to a very VERY disgruntled person (including, apparently yourself).

or you can take the stoic route in that there's nothing more you can do if and when you wake up late.

or to the more extreme measures from a fatalistic view of the world: only one past is possible and since you cannot change your past (the fact that you've slept in), there is nothing you can change in the future (by trying to be early) despite your efforts in the present.

here's the good news (if you're not a fan of free will)
All events, including human actions & choices, are completely determined. So there's no point in praising or blaming anyone for their actions because free will is an illusion.


The Hek said...

Thank you. You're right. you got to take as is.

you know, you would be the perfect character in a book by George Orwell.

Anonymous said...

Frankly I'm just surprised she still reads this thing.

For what it's worth, Mr. Rosenhek, you're not alone. I've always set myself these kinds of goals, thinking that if I don't meet them, my day is wasted.

- Mr. Wood

The Hek said...

Yeah I guess we're creatures of habit

Anonymous said...

Me a character in GO's book? >_<

The reason I replied is because of your dilemma. You're a paradox. You want control in your life but you make up these deadlines for yourself that you know you have the probability of not meeting them (as it appears you usually don't meet them) which amounts to NOT having control in your life so why do you make these deadlines for yourself?

It's not about "oh I'm not alone in doing things like this" ...My reply would be: okay, yeah, so what? Let's all follow the bandwagon of "I'm not the only one" because that would solve the problem.

It bugs me. You have a dilemma. You write about it--so in a sense you try to sort it out. (you is meant in general) But then your resolution to the dilemma really doesn't solve it...moreover, just bc other ppl do it, it makes it okay. The point is trying to improve oneself, right? But I find that most ppl don't really tackle the problem. They address it and sort of placate themselves...

I ramble. I'm going to sleep and leave my thoughts unfinished. You shouldn't write blogs like this. It makes me go extra philosophical.

The Hek said...

Yeah, but you're pretty hot when you go extra philisophical.

Blake said...

I sympathize, my friend :-) I get the same way sometimes. I'm one of those lucky (or unlucky) souls that craves some measure of order and structure in his daily life. I loathe chaos and disorganization. I get the impression that, fundamentally, you're the same way.

However, I'm slowly learning that not everything in life can ordered, structured, systematized, categorized or otherwise filed so neatly & efficiently. Basically, you can't plan for everything - that's one of the reasons why communism failed ;-) Often the more you try to, the worse it turns out. Rigid, intricate planning can be too easily derailed.

Flexibility is the key, man. Feel free to abandon the so-called little things to the caprice & whimsy of circumstance. Just try to plan out the big stuff. Let everything else tend to itself, more or less. A little order here and there never hurts, but, as with so many other things in this world, too much of it can be a bad thing. Turn setbacks into opportunities. Go with the flow wherever possible.

The Hek said...

Thanks Blake,

I appreciate that.