Friday, November 10, 2006

Always Remember...

Everything we have is because of those who sacrificed their lives in the name of freedom and peace.

WWI. WWII. Korea. Afghanistan.

Remember to wear your poppy to honour everyday people who became extraordinary heroes. Past, present and future. Do it for those who work very hard to make the world a better place.

The Hek


Anonymous said...

You left out Medak and Bosnia


The Hek said...

My apologies. I forgot about those.

Anonymous said...

Everyone does.


Anonymous said...

Wars in the name of freedom?? Yeah.. for sure... like Irak!! Come on...

The Hek said...

First off, it's "Iraq" not "Irak."

Second, this post is about the Canadian Armed Forces. Not the United States (although there were Canadian troops in Iraq during the Gulf War; but, people see that as the "good" war in Iraq).

Third, like it or not, war is a nessesary evil. If Canada and the US didn't go to war in WWII, Hitler would have killed a lot more innocent people. He had to be stopped and to do that, sacrafices had to be made. It's the same story with Canadian troops in Afghanistan. If we pull out, then things will get much worse. Canada has to be there until Afghanistan is stable enough to run on its own.

As for the current conflict in Iraq, the US screwed up. They thought they would go in, overthrow Saddam and be out by the summer of 2003. Didn't happen. They should've realized that changing a country's strcture dosen't just happen over night. It takes time. You have to be in it for the long haul. Now, they have to reap what they sow.

Thank your for your comment. I'm looking forward to your rebuttle (and don't be afraid to say who are ;-) ).

Anonymous said...

Do u really believe in wars in the name of freedom?? Do u really think that, i.e., the US entered into the WWI because of freedom? Why they waited 'till the sunken of Lusitania? Or in WWII 'till Pearl Harbour? Corea, Vietnam... weren't they against a concrete political and economical way of thinking?

And latest wars... such as Afganistan or Iraq... also because of freedom? Who are we, the so-called "developed countries" to impose a particular model of society to other countries? Isn't that a new way of imperialism? Isn't that just because of economical interests? Why those wars in the name of freedom are always focused in economically potential areas and never in Africa?
Or the last veto from the US at UN resolution... also freedom?

I know maybe the main "organizer" is the US, but as you said, in latest wars several countries have helped and given more than just medical support to the victims... and years after the end of the war, i still don't see the reason... not really.

Ah! I am french, i don't think u may know me... ;)

Teena said...

Thanks for remembering.

Anonymous said...

Wars are fuelled in the name of your beliefs and ideas. In extension, if you believe in freedom and it's enough for one to go to war, then that someone believes in war in the name of freedom. >_< Deshou??

I fail to see how believing in wars in the name of freedom has anything to do with your argument.

The post is meant as a tribute to those who sacrificed their lives and more AND to serve as a reminder or "lest we forget."

If you disagree with the current world issues, it's a separate matter in the case of this post because you really shouldn't taint the post with issues of Iraq.

Just remember what could have been and what is.


The Hek said...

In the end, the politicans make the choices and the soldiers have to carry out the commands.

Brave soldiers are just pawns in world politics.

Let's honour the soldiers and not the politicans.