Monday, November 06, 2006

Job Hunt 2006.......Continues

Things are starting to get better.

Since the end of September, I have gone from applying to a job and not getting a response, to applying to jobs and getting responses. The response I get is, "Thank you for your interest but, you are not what we are exactly looking for. We will keep your resume on file." It might not be the desired result, but hey, it's a good improvement.

Here's the best part: Last Tuesday, I went downtown for a job interview.

It was an awesome experience. I printed off an extra copy of my resume, put on my finest suit and looked over all the notes I made the previous night. The interview went quite well and I made a good impression.

Unfortunately, the company that interviewed me, chose a different applicant which, is fine. It was good practice for interviews, down the road.

Something good is going to happen. I can feel it.

The Hek

-It's here! Episode Seventeen of the Audio Circus Podcast-

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