Thursday, November 30, 2006

Fill In The Blanks! (All the cool kids do it)

1. The best film of 2006 was:_______________

2. The next leader of the Liberal party will be:________________

3. I will spend _______ on holiday gifts.

4. I _______ Lindsay Lohan.

5. My favourite type of Oreo cookie is:____________

6. Carmen Mesta was murdered by:____________

7. U2 is a _______ rock band.

8. Right now, I am wearing:__________

9. The best player on the Toronto Raptors is:_________

10 . If I could be an animal, I would be a:_____________

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The Hek


Anonymous said...

1. So far, either Volver or the Illusionist. Might be Paprika, which I probably won't get to see until next year, or Children of Men, by the looks of things.

2. That's already been decided.

3. $200 or less.

4. I liked Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls...

5. The double fudge one.

6. Who?

7. Great.

8. A green striped shirt and green khakis.

9. Unknown to me.

10. A wolf, I think.

- Mr. Wood

The Hek said...

The Double Fudge is my fav as well. Second is the green mint.

Blake said...

1. Over The Hedge

2. Already known & established: St├ęphane Dion

3. $100-$200

4. am indifferent to

5. Classic and/or Golden Oreos

6. Drucilla Winters, perhaps (no, I don't watch the show...this is the consensus among people I know who do watch Y&R)

7. decent

8. a red t-shirt and navy blue track pants

9. Equally unknown to me

10. a bull moose

The Hek said...

Dru seems the logical conclusion. It's can't be Devon that's for sure. My money is on Jack Abbot.....Or Sheila Carter

PS: I dont' watch the show either. It's just consensus ;-)