Thursday, December 21, 2006

Green Christmas

Right now in Toronto, there is no snow.

This has become a hot button issue in the city. Many people are upset at the possibility that there will be no sign of the white stuff come Christmas morning. Barring a sudden major snowfall, it looks like it will be a "Green Christmas." Personally, I have no problem with this.

Just because there might not be snow, doesn't mean that Christmas is ruined. Think of it as Christmas in a warmer climate like California, Florida, Texas, or Alabama. Okay, maybe Toronto is not as warm as those places in December; but still, they manage to celebrate with no snow. Besides, this wouldn't be the first time Toronto has had a Green Christmas.

On December 25th, 1982, the temperature was 17'C (the mark of El Nino). In 1994, it was about 10'C and the snow was completely melted. In fact, my friends and I played road hockey all day. It was great.

Let's also not forget what snow can lead to. Driving becomes a little more dangerous, you have to go out and shovel, or be at the mercy of a snow removal service; and, the chance of slipping on ice becomes less likely to happen.

So cheer up, Toronto. It's going to be a great holiday. With or without snow.

The Hek


Anonymous said...

The problem with a green Christmas is what led to that green Christmas. It's gonna become a lot more common. And frankly, it sucks.

- Mr. Wood

The Hek said...

Of course, we can spray paint the grass, white.

Claire said...

Frig off. I want snow!

The Hek said...

You can buy a snow making machine. Actually, Global TV is running a contest where the winner will get thier home covered in snow by a snow-making company.

Anonymous said...

That's a balls-out sneaky method to get people to forget about global warming.

It snowed more in B.C. than it did in Ontario this year. Usually it's the opposite. I guess we'll all be snorkelling through this holiday.

The Hek said...

With the amount of rain Toronto is getting this weekend, snorkelling might not be a bad idea.

Claire said...

I don't have a lawn. I live in an apartment.

The Hek said...

In that case, you can use a nearby park; or, the floor in your apartment :-)