Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Life In The 'Titanic' Division

Thank God the Raptors play in the weakest division of the NBA.

Here are the standings, as of 7:32pm EST, of the Atlantic division; or, as some have called it: the Titanic division.

New Jersey 7 10 0.412 0.0 6-3 3-0 4-5 3-5 3-7 L 1
Toronto 7 10 0.412 0.0 6-3 3-1 5-2 2-8 5-5 W 2
New York 7 13 0.350 1.5 4-8 1-2 2-7 5-6 3-7 W 1
Boston 5 11 0.313 1.5 4-9 1-3 3-6 2-5 4-6 L 3
Philadelphia 5 11 0.313 1.5 4-7 0-2 3-3 2-8 2-8 L 4

That's right. The Raptors are tied for first place with more defeats then wins. If they played in the Central division, they would be 6th out of seven teams. In the Southeast, they would be tied for third. Those are just the divisions in the Eastern Conference. If it was the Western Conference, the Raps would be right at the bottom.

Toronto had a slow start but, they have started to look like the team fans were hoping to see. If they keep it up, you can expect them to finish no higher then sixth and no lower then 10th in the Eastern conference. Right now, they're in 8th which gives them the last playoff spot. I won't be surprised if they rise in the rankings as well. They appear to be stronger then their opponents in the conference and division.

Things are looking good in Raptorland.

The Hek

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