Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Secret Desires. Forbidden Magic. Intriguing Mystery. Limitless Passion.

Does anyone happen to watch the program, Passions?

I managed to catch the last segment of today's episode. To put it simply, it was insane. You had three scenes, each providing a different genre. Instead of changing an emotional tone through a nice flow, this program changes it's tone drastically and without any warning. Here's what happened:

Scene one. Louis, a local police officer, is consoling a female cadet who is in the hospital after being attacked and raped. The cadet was starting to have flashbacks and was bawling into Louis' chest. She begged him to not ask anymore questions about the incident. Louis promises he will find the men that attacked the cadet, who he is also in love with. A very dramatic scene.

Scene two. Two women are trying to kill a witch named Tabatha. There's a huge chase, but in the end, Tabatha ties up her attackers and banishes them to a dark spiritual world. The scene is right out of a Bugs Bunny cartoon; full of sound effects, fumbles and a mangled up pecan pie. A very comedic scene. In fact, it was a farce.

Scene three. The body of a murdered transvestite is discovered inside a wedding cake, as the newly married couple cuts the cake in front of all their guests. A scene with suspense and mystery. The best line came from the bride who exclaimed, "Oh my God! There's a dead transvestite in my wedding cake!"

I bet you wouldn't see something like that on Days Of Our Lives.

The Hek

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