Thursday, December 28, 2006

Musings Of A Random Nature

Spike Lee to Direct Film About James Brown

That was quick. Although the film company says the deal was already in the works before Brown's passing. Now the question is, who will star as the "Godfather of Soul?" My money is on Cuba Gooding Jr.


Barry Zito reaches agreement with Giants

Not bad if you're a fan of the San Francisco Giants. Sure, they lose Shea 'Sinking Ship' Hillenbrand to the Angels. However, they pick up Barry Zito; the most coveted free agent on the market this season. Just another pitcher the Blue Jays failed to get. Then again, Toronto didn't have the money Zito was asking for. The Jays still need another starter.


Winter Storm hits Israel

Global warming can't be that bad. It only put the snow somewhere else.


Sheila Carter is back. Looks like she had some plastic surgery. Now, she has a striking resemblance to Phyllis Newman. That cannot be good.

The Hek

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