Friday, December 15, 2006

Happy Hanukkah!

Four years ago at this time, I was living in a residence building on the grounds of Carleton University. It was my first Hanukkah away from home. I wanted to celebrate, but residents were not allowed to light candles in the building. Like the film Collateral, I had to adapt, change, improvise and roll with it.

I'm not sure who suggested the idea. I simply took a piece of paper and drew a monarah. Then, I took an orange marker and drew the shamesh candle as well as the first candle. Each night before dinner, I would say a little prayer and draw on a new candle. It might not have been the proper way to celebrate the holiday, but I felt pretty good about what I had done.

I am not a religious person. However, there are certain things I have to do.

Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy Hanukkah.

The Hek


Anonymous said...

Chug Samiach!

(I realize the terribly wrong spelling on that, I'm just trying to do it phoenetically, since I've given up on spelling anything right.)

Did you get to light actual candles this year with your parents?

The Hek said...

Not to worry about the spelling. I would have done the same thing you did.

I did light candles with my parents this year. It's always enjoyable; except Sat. Night when I almost lit my shirt on fire.

Chug Samiach to you too.

Anonymous said...


Just kidding. That joke is so old I'm thinking of retiring it. Everyone says hi.

Merry Christmas Hek.


The Hek said...

Thanks Owen,

Merry Xmas to you and everyone. I hope you are all well.