Wednesday, February 21, 2007


What will happen on January 20th, 2009?

Is it:

a. A party for George Burns' 113th birthday
b. The NHL All-Star game
c. George W. Bush's last day in office
d. The Royal Rumble

If your answer is "C," congratulations! You are correct.

January 20th, 2009, will mark the day when Bush hands over power to the new President. In honour of this occasion, there is a website counting down the days, second by second.

I give you

The website describes itself as a "wake up call for those of us that are frustrated with President Bush and his administration." It provides a critique on Bush's term in office. But more importantly, the site has a store where you can buy all types of products, that bare the slogan, "01.20.09 - Bush's Last Day." Some of these products also come with an actual countdown clock.

No doubt, a perfect gift for all your left wing friends and family members.

The Hek


Anonymous said...

I think he's done all the harm he can do at this point. Though I've been wrong before.

Dammit, he still has 698 days in office...

- Mr. Wood

Eric Rosenhek said...

One day at a time, Mr. Wood. One day at a time.

Blake said...

Good point, Hek. A lot can happen in two years... I won't be breathing easier until maybe December 2008!

Reminds me of a similar anecdote: I recall the Ottawa Sun newspaper running a "Days Until Chretien is Gone" feature on the front page, once the former PM had announced he would be stepping down after 6 months (I think)...

How's that for irony? Opposite politics, same degree of public dissatisfaction ;-)

Eric Rosenhek said...

Very true.

I bet Tony Blair will get the same treatment as well.

Claire said...

The weird thing about Blair is that he's supposed to be the Labour party (sort of mix of Liberal and NDP for whomever doesn't know). What an ass.

Eric Rosenhek said...

That is true. Although I think a conservative gov't in UK would have also sent troops. Maybe more of a long-term commitment. But, that's just me speculating.