Tuesday, February 13, 2007

You Can't Be Serious

I had the strangest dream last night.

I dreamt that there was this film coming out in a few weeks. It was about a farmer who use to work for NASA. He always wanted to fly to space; so, he built his very own rocket ship in his barn. Apparently, the government found out and tried to stop the farmer. However, the farmer was so determined to achieve his goal, that he risked everything and went ahead with his plans. Despite the government's constant interference, the farmer managed to blast off and become the first..........astronaut farmer.

Thank goodness that was just a dream.

I know movies are about suspending our beliefs. But honestly, who's going to buy into a film about a farmer who somehow manages to gather all the necessary parts needed for a rocket ship and is able to build it without any flaws? Besides, even if the farmer was successful, the launch would result in the entire farm being destroyed.

Fortunately, we all know Hollywood would never allow such a ridiculous film to be made, right?

Oh no....

I guess it wasn't a dream.

The Hek

*Before you fly off to space, check out Episode 29 of the Audio Circus*


Anonymous said...

Good one Mr. Rosenhek.

- Mr. Wood

Eric Rosenhek said...