Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Trump vs. McMahon

The biggest show in Wrestling is right around the corner.

Wrestlemania 23 will take place on April 1st from Detroit. Already, it seems that this year's edition will be a classic. Shawn Micheals will challenge John Cena for the WWE title, while Batista defends the World Title against The Undertaker, who is 15-0 at Wrestlemania. Those two matches will certainly receive a build up, over the next few weeks. However, there is also another match that is going to receive a lot of attention from outside the wrestling world.

Donald Trump will take on Vince McMahon in a "hair vs. hair" match.

At this point, I should point out that neither Trump nor McMahon will actually be wrestling (thank goodness). The billionaires will each select one wrestler to fight on their behalf. Whoever wins the match, will get to shave the loser's head in front of the entire world. In other words, if Trump wins, then Vinnie-Mac is leaving Detroit with a buzz cut; and if McMahon wins, then the Donald's world famous golden locks, will be GONE.

Right now, I would bet that Trump manages to keep his helmet hair in tact.

The Hek

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