Thursday, February 22, 2007

Exploitation Double Feature

I have found another film, that I must see.

During last week's episode of Smackdown, a trailer for this movie was aired and suddenly, I was hooked.

It's called Grindhouse and features two of my favourite directors, Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez.

The build for this feature is that it contains two full-length films. Up first, will be Rodriguez's Planet Terror and then, Tarantino's Death Proof. There will also be "fake trailers" at the beginning and middle of the entire presentation.

Needless to say, I intend to coarse my friends into watching this film with me. It's only fair since these same friends, will want me watch this animation/live action film with them. Unfortunately, the name escapes me. 349 or, something along those lines.

The Hek


Anonymous said...

The existence of Grind House is news to you?

- Mr. Wood

Anonymous said...

And why would I need to be coaxed? Tarantino's one of my favourite directors.

- MW

Eric Rosenhek said...

Yes, it's news to me. I don't read the film blogs 24/7.

And I know you'll come. Just like Aqua Teen Hunger Force ;-)

Anonymous said...


- MW